Race Inquiry Digest – ( May 4 ) Important Current Stories On Race in America

Feature – The Collapse of American Identity. These partisan portraits highlight contrasting responses to the country’s changing demographics and culture, especially over the past decade as the country has ceased to be a majority white Christian nation.   Read more 

What Does It Take to Convict a Cop?  The Slager trial was an example, one among many, of how poorly the legal system functions as a remedy or a deterrent for bad police shootings. Read more  

American policing is broken. Here’s how to fix it. Until police own up to how minority communities view them, they won’t be able to effectively police their communities.  Read more  

Police story about why they gunned down an unarmed black ninth grader falls apart.  Camera footage reveals car was not driving in “an aggressive manner.” Read more 

The Danger of Trump’s Civil War Ignorance. Those who don’t understand history are doomed to repeat it. Read more 

We Must Actively Stand Up’: John Angelos’s Response to Racism at Fenway Park. The Baltimore Orioles COO has had enough of racism at the ballpark and enough of a society that is breeding more and more hate. Read more 

More Parents Of Color Think Racism Is Holding Back Their Children In School. The Leadership Conference Education Fund ― which measures the opinions of 1,200 black and Latino parents on issues of education ― paints a grim picture of a school system that is systemically failing black and brown families. Read more 

Prospects for black America about to get worse under Trump, report says. Black and Hispanic Americans continue to lag far behind whites economically — and their prospects look much worse under President Trump, according to a report to be released Tuesday by the National Urban League. Read more 

Trump’s 100th-day speech may have been the most hate-filled in modern history. The only thing more frightening than Trump’s speech is the apathetic response of those who should know better. Read more 

“Strange Victory.” The film acts as a kind of collective psychoanalysis of a segregated and prejudiced nation following World War II. Watch the film here 

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