Race Inquiry Digest ( April 24 ) – Important Current Stories On Race In America

Not enough time, too many news sources. The following are compelling stories on race and ethnicity that have been selected for our readers.

Feature – Where Did All the Black Teachers Go? A significant body of research shows that black children — particularly those from impoverished families — benefit from having black teachers. Read more

Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions Ramp up Their Crusade Against Black and Brown Americans. Remember when Trump promised to “take care” of African-Americans? Read more

Prince didn’t let the music industry define him. That’s why he became a legend. Prince didn’t just create music; He fought for it. Read more

Hunting down runaway slaves: The cruel ads of Andrew Jackson and ‘the master class.’ Jackson, whose face is on the $20 bill and who President Trump paid homage to in March, owned about 150 enslaved people. Read more

The Roots of Mass Incarceration.  Long gone are the days of multiple-defendant mobster prosecutions, they have been replaced with young Black and brown alleged gang members and their associates. Read more

From the Rearview Mirror. Barack Obama’s stature will grow ever more impressive in the rearview mirror. We already miss his dignity, his grace, and his intelligence. Read more

The United States may be about to inflict a massive hardship on Haiti. Homeland Security has recommended that some 50,000 Haitians now living legally in the United States be expelled en masse next January. Read more

Addicts Of Color Face A Slew Of Unique Obstacles To Recovery. The wave of national sympathy for opiod addiction hasn’t yet reached black and brown Americans, making recovery exceedingly difficult. Read more

Working-class whites can’t handle their status as ‘the new minority.’ Working-class whites feel they “have been demoted from the center of their country’s consciousness to its fringe.” Read more

Here’s the First Trailer for Dear White People, the New Netflix Series That’s Already Pissed Off White People. Dear White People drops on April 28. Read more


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