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Race Inquiry (RI) was established as an independent news source to explore race in America. RI publishes original articles, and post links to articles from national and international news outlets.  Over 40 major news sources are reviewed weekly. Race Inquiry Digest is published twice a week, and is a condensation of “Important Current Stories on Race in America.” The site is dedicated to Dr. W.E.B. Du Bois, who was one of the most astute observers of race in America.


ronald sheehyRonald J. Sheehy, Ph.D. is a molecular biologist, retired university administrator, journalist, and is founder and editor of Race Inquiry. He has a published memoir, Possibilities: A Search for Personal Liberation.




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Leah Creque Harris highlightsLeah Creque-Harris, Ph.D. is a cultural historian and author, and is Chair of the Department of English and Director of the Honors Program at Morehouse College, Atlanta, Georgia.




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ralph-crowder3Ralph L. Crowder III is an independent multi media journalist and producer of the nationally recognized documentary film, Hands Up Don’t Shoot Our Youth Movement.  He also serves as a creative consultant and content producer of freedomradioandtv.com